How to Choose the Best Domain Name in 2020 [ 7 Secret Tips ]

How to Choose the Best Domain Name in [ 2020 ]

How to Choose the Best Domain Name is the first main question that comes in mind when a newbie wants to start blogging. There are lots of confusion about How to Choose the Best Domain Name. So in this post, we going to talking about How to Choose the Best Domain Name in 2020. At then we will share some Secret tips also.

Earlier, we discussed several aspects of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). In this episode, we will learn what to know about How to Choose the Best Domain Name. It will also highlight what to avoid. First of all, we will know the basic things we need to discuss today.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is basically the address of the website. For example, our domain name is www.techsayem.com and Google's domain name is www.google.com. That is, if a website exists on the Internet, it must have an address. And that's the domain name. The domain name has a lot to do with Search Engine Optimization(SEO). A beautiful and easy-to-remember domain name will naturally be more important to a Search Engine than a huge domain name.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name 


-> The younger the better - 

If your name was "Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Faisal bin Turkey bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saud" [3] then he might not have remembered his own name correctly. How to Remember Others! Similarly, the larger the domain name of a website, the harder it will be to remember. And such a big name is naturally full of keywords and so search engines can take it as spammy. 

Because the domain name of a website is large, users will naturally suffer to remember the name. Besides, remembering such big names is a bit of a hassle. And if anyone who is browsing the net with mobile wants to enter your website then typing in such a big name is quite a hassle for them. And now when search engines like Google are working to give maximum benefit to users, they can give you a lower rank keeping in mind the problems of the users. Your content may be better than others, but you will get into trouble just because the domain name is large.

Remember that the smaller the domain name, the better. Moreover, the net users of mobile will be able to easily access your website. Since the name is short, the user is less likely to misspell. There will be considerable benefits in branding. 

Therefore, when choosing a domain name, you should choose the shortest name possible. However, if it is for some reason that the name must be kept larger, the words should be separated with hyphens. For example, if the name of the website is to be "amarnamemofiz" then it should be kept as "Amar-name-mofiz". It also has the advantage of remembering names and the ability to pronounce.

-> Keyword trash can not be created - 

Many people are hoping to get a good rank in Search Engine. Especially when it comes to the attention of the Long Tail keyword, it has been on the rise. It does not make sense to populate a domain name with keywords that are consistent with that particular keyword. Some years ago, maybe something like that would have yielded good results. But now there is no such opportunity. Not only the domain name but also the content should be punished if the keyword is filled with garbage. Punishment means not getting a low rank or rank. You can read the article on keyword stuffing by Matt Webb's head of the Google Webspam team.

Let's say someone opened a website with the domain name "houstonseointernetmarketing.com". The whole domain here covers a total of four keywords. “Houston's”. "Seo", "internet marketing", "Houston internet marketing". Such a domain name can be a good example of keyword trash. A Google search shows that the four keywords are covered on either the first page or the second page

-> Choosing a Unique Domain Name

Before selecting a domain name, you should be careful whether you have a website with spelling or name nearby. If so, it is advisable to choose another name. Because you will have trouble as well as the other person. For example, the ant blog is registered about 3 months before the ant search engine. Now two websites have one name in Bangla, only two in English spelling. The ant search engine is undoubtedly a good initiative. But they had to check if there was another website with the same name. In the same way, you need to make sure that the domain name is unique before you select it.

-> Keeping the name in conjunction with the name of a larger company - 

This should also be avoided. Otherwise, it may be a little tedious or too much trouble. The company may even file a case in your name. For example, beximco-pharma.com is the domain name of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Bangladesh. Now if someone puts the domain name of the new website as "beximco-pharmaceuticals.com" then it is not a unique domain. In this case, Beximco can enter the case in the name of that person. Therefore, the task of matching the name of the established company cannot be done.

-> Do not use numbers - 

If you do not need them most then it is better not to use numbers. The use of numbers will make address remembering difficult. If our domain used to be techsayem570393.com then it would be difficult to remember it secondarily, even typing it requires more time than techsayem.com. Those who have good typing speed are different. But there are many who have to type in the search for each letter. Google ranks a website without considering all the good and bad judgments.

-> Keeping the domain consistent with the content of the website - 

If your domain name contains any keywords, you must create content compatible with that keyword. In the post about Search Engine Optimization Basic Concepts, we were introduced to an example potato businessman who wants to optimize his website SEO. Let's assume the domain of potato dealer "bangladesheralu.com". Now if he keeps all the information about potatoes on his website without having any potatoes, then how is it? Anyone who sees the domain will think that it is a potato website in Bangladesh. But if you enter a website, you will see the website of Patal. Whoever comes to this website naturally wants to know about the potato in Bangladesh. But he went and got information from Patal. That is, the potato businessman could not fulfill the reader's expectations. This should be kept in mind when it comes to domain selection.

-> Domain Registration -

It should be purchased for a few years if possible while purchasing the domain name. It may be that your domain name's date is expiring but you do not remember or have no opportunity to register again. In that case, many of your dreams will be mixed with hope. So be sure to re-register before the domain expires. So that no one else can buy your domain name.

7 Secret Tips for Choosing The Best Domain Name

  1. Research your keyword
  2. Buy Top-level Domain ( .com , .in )
  3. Use main keyword in your domain name
  4. Try to keep your domain name short
  5. Make it unique & brandable 
  6. Avoid double Letters/ Hyphens/ Numbers
  7. Keep it easy to pronounce & spell

What did you keep in mind when you made the first choice for you? Can you inform me in the comments? Also, if you have trouble understanding a topic, you can tell. I'll try to answer.

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