How to Get Maximum On-page Optimization (SEO) Result in 2020 [ Pro Tips ]

How to Get Maximum On-page Optimization (SEO) Result in 2020 [ Pro Tips ] 
On-page Optimization (SEO) is never too easy. There is no barrier rule that can be achieved if you follow the desired results. Once upon a time, there was some technique, which is pretty sure the high rank of the website. But that day is no more. Search engines are always active to give maximum benefit to users and readers. Google is at the forefront. Google is always working to give those who search Google the best and best results. In this episode of the Search Engine Optimization Course, some topics will be discussed about on-page optimization, which will provide maximum results not only for the present but also in the future.

Again, there is no barrier to on-page optimization, which is sure to rank high. Must work hard and make the website user-friendly. Make sure that the reader does not get upset, the reader should not see the structure of the site or click on the back button to exit. The reader should try to keep up with the website. By no means should the reader be misled by banners, eds or random text?

Use appropriate keywords

Select keywords that fit the topic you're writing or content about. This allows the search engine bot to easily understand what matters most to your page. Let's say a potato businessman writes about sweet potatoes on his blog. Now if he doesn't write the word "sweet potato" anywhere in that article, how will the search engine know that the page is about a sweet potato? In that case, in the title of the page, the word "sweet potato" must have preceded between the URL and the article. However, this does not mean that all pages have to be filled in. Wherever the word should be used, you must use the word, and it should be avoided wherever it is not used. You may have heard of keyword density in different places. Now my comment is, forget about this. Only use keywords in the middle of the text where necessary.

Keep the site light

If your website is informative from other websites and loads relatively quickly, you have the potential to rank. By using heavy images, ads, banners, videos, etc. it does not make sense to just slow down the website. Excessive things should be avoided if it is not required very rarely. 
Let's try to clear that up with an example. Take the website as a human, and its contents as its weight. Now we are catching potatoes and sand on two websites. The Potato website is full of ads, banners, unwanted heavy images and videos, which means it's overweight. Another website, Balu, covers only the issues. That is, the weight of the potato is higher than the sand since we have taken the content as weight. Now that they have been identified as human beings, they are not allowed to cross a high wall. On the other side of the wall is the awardee (search engine). The person who hits the wall first will be rewarded (high rank in the search engine).

Now it seems who can hit the wall first? Certainly the sandy light website. দ্রুত Similarly, fast-loading websites receive awards and high rankings on top of imaginary walls. So the light you keep the site will be plus point for you. But that's not always the case. If cricket is crazy, I remember one of Bermuda's players, who also caught a remarkable catch with his huge body. Similarly, if the site is heavy on the topic of the search, then the search engine may not take into account the speed or the speed. Such as pundits…

Use of internal links

I did not write about it in detail in this post.

Adjustable URL structure

Create a URL structure that fits the relevant article or content you are creating. Such as the URL structure of the first article on our on-page optimization

On-page optimization

This structure helped me to get a high rank in the "On-Page Optimization" keyword. But in this case, if I were to create a "pplika.com/ potato-shrimp" type structure, I probably wouldn't rank high on this keyword. This means that after creating the content you must create a valid URL structure.

Outbound Links

An outbound link is a link to another website. If you have read the entire article by now, you may have already seen links to other websites besides ant. This is the outbound link. There is no need to use an outbound link, but if it is compatible and benefits the reader, then you must use the outbound link.
 Suppose you know something about someone's blog. And that's what you write on your blog a lot like "You know from a reputable blog ...". Here you can type "I learned from the UK blog" without doing so, and give the link where you know from within the Omuk blog article. First of all, you don't have to search the reader to find out your source material. 3 And it is also valuable to search engines.

On easy

You need to have a beautiful and easy navigation system so that you can easily navigate from one page to another. If it happens that a page has not been linked to another page, then that page remains hidden to the search engine. Because bots crawl from link to link, that is, they have links on the road. If there's no way to go to a page, he can't go. As a result, the page may not even be indexed. So we should have a simple navigation system. And each page should be linked to at least one other page so that it is suitable for the crawl.

Create content for people, not search engines

The biggest thing that Hudai has been talking about so far is to create content for people, write for people. The search engine will just place your text in the search engine. But people will read and evaluate your writing. Let people benefit from reading your writing. Don't come back to your website empty-handed. Something to learn. 2

Those who have good ideas about on-page optimization may have noticed that I have missed many important things. But seemingly very important, they are not. You create content for people. Be sure to give your readers the maximum benefit, you don't need to be on the top page in search engine. : mrgreen:

What do you do for on-page optimization? Can you inform me in the comments? I want to know to Feel free to ask any further. I will try to answer from my little knowledge.

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