How To Rank The Article in the first page of the search engine

How to rank the Article in the first page of the search engine

The article is brought to the search engine in the first place

You are writing, maybe you are writing very well, but for no unknown reason, your writing does not rank in the first line of the search engine? This is not unusual. You must adhere to several rules and regulations. You must follow these rules and write them down for the people. You may be wondering a little, "How do I get to the top of the search engine if I write for people?".

Well, when you came to reading this article, you saw that I was writing in the post "This post will show you how to write in the first row of the search engine, so let's see how to write in the first row of the search engine." Was it something worth reading? Not at all! Now if I write something like this, wow I just wrote a search engine friendly article. This time my writing will not get high rank where! And ten days later, I was away in the first row, I did not write anywhere on the first four or five pages. And when you read this post as a visitor, you will naturally start to feel annoyed at the quality of the writing, and this is normal.

So if you are in the first row of the search engine then you have to think of the reader first and everything else. Think of those who read your writing. Think of how to appease them, try to retain their attractiveness. Keep in mind the basics of search engine optimization as well as write for people. Only then will you be able to rank well. Step by step how to write a good article so that you can easily place your writing in search engine.


Regardless of the type of experiment you try to write on the topic, you will write a little research. There may be many things you do not know. There may be many things that you know are wrong. Many things can be new additions, many things can be deduced.

For example, I know about search engine optimization, but since I last studied this topic at 23, now if I write based on what I learned in 29, can I give you something accurate and timely? Not at all, while the basic things are the same, there have been many changes, both internally and externally. Many things have come new, many things have been left out. There was a lot of emphasis on the use of meta keywords at 25, but when Google announced at the end of the 27 that Google search engine rankings did not evaluate meta keywords a little, the whole idea changed. Now if I write that the meta keyword is so important, will it be worth it right now? Not at all. Because meta keywords are effective at 25, but at 20 they are completely discarded.

So, after knowing enough about what to write about, you should write it, not to mislead the reader with incorrect information. It is also recommended to do keyword research for the sake of writing.

To be drafted

Drafting is an important factor in writing well. For those who are beginning to write new, the draft is very important. The reason may be that you think a lot before you start writing. But in writing, you can forget many important things that you thought you would say. So try to draft before writing anything so that nothing is missed. And for those who have the habit of writing regularly, the draft is not necessary, but I would recommend writing a draft.

Don't imitate

You may have read many bloggers' articles, many of them may be well-written, some may be able to easily explain something difficult. You naturally want to write them down, try to imitate them. But in my opinion that is not the right thing to do, you have your own personality. Don't imitate your talent by imitating anyone. Have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself, think you can write.

Develop yourself, not imitate others, so that someone else wants to imitate you. It's not the first time you write well, try, write regularly. Who knows, one day you can become someone else's model. Good luck

It is natural to come to this question with regard to what the search engine optimization is like in relation to resizing. If you imitate someone you don't own, so you can never write a good article. So imitation should be avoided.

Keyword usage

In addition to good writing behind search engine rankings, proper use of keywords is vital. One of them is stagnant. However, the quality of the writing should be more important. The keyword to focus on must be in titles, meta descriptions and in original articles or articles. However, that does not mean that you have to fill in titles, meta descriptions, and articles with keywords. If you do not need to apply multiple titles to titles and descriptions, then it is best to use them only once

There was a time when many people started getting sweaty on keyword density, maybe there were still many people who thought extra about keyword density. The more the keyword is used, the more likely it is to rank the site as a misconception. You are writing to people, not to search engines. And the search engine will prioritize the writing which is useful to the reader, useful to the reader. At the time of writing, use keywords exactly where your keywords must be used. Avoid using keywords inappropriately. You can watch this video by Matt Cutts about keyword density.

Photo usage

As a reader, you definitely want to see pictures that fit in where you need to write. The search engine also evaluates the image to fit your needs. Use pictures wherever necessary in your writing, not just excessive. Use pictures only where you feel you need them, and give the photo's alt tag exactly as you like. By doing this, the search engine will understand what your image is about, so if someone searches on that topic, you will be likely to show your image. +

You will only give pictures that are consistent with your writing, if you write about the politics of Bangladesh and give pictures of the Padma river of Bangladesh then it is not good at all. You must keep compatibility in mind.

URL structure

The URL tells the address where your article will be available when the article is published. And to get the value rank in the search engine, the URL structure should be good. The Maine keyword must be in the URL. 2

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