Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization. The beginning of keyword research might be to consider yourself as a search engine optimizer and not a normal user. If you do a search on a particular keyword, you can start searching for keywords from the exact words or phrases you were looking for.

Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

Basic Search Engine Optimization Course In previous posts, there was a potato dealer and his website, he opened a website for selling potatoes. He wants potatoes and other words that are relevant to him, and when someone searches on the search engine, his website appears in the first row. That is why he did some research to find other words that are compatible with potatoes. He found that in addition to searching for potatoes, people are searching for various things like round potatoes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, small potatoes, big potatoes, potato nutrition, low-cost potatoes, potato benefits.

That is, people who search for potatoes have the same mindset as buying potatoes, so those who search for keywords related to potatoes also have the mindset of buying potatoes, and those who search for "low-cost potatoes" are most likely to buy potatoes. They are searching for the low price of potatoes.

Now he gives his website good content on all keywords, it will be possible to create good quality websites and search engines will assume that the website is full of potatoes and therefore this website will be better than ten general websites. So there is the possibility of giving him priority over others. And the more keywords a website gets in the first row, the more profit it can make.

    The only small research was done by potato businessmen to find other keywords that are compatible with potatoes can be called keyword research. That is, keyword research is what the potato businessman has done now.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Thinking about search engine optimization without keyword research is foolish, and nothing more. Most Internet users prefer to search the Internet even if it has minimal requirements. Suppose someone wants to know about potatoes and wants to find out where to find good potatoes, and if the potato businessman does not do keyword research on his website, the content is not properly used in the keywords, is there any possibility of potato in the search engine? Looking for his website? Not at all.

I can tell you what kind of website this is if you look at a typical website, but the search engine bot is blind. He does not look like us, he does see some code broken. In front of you, ten law enforcement personnel were all given the same clothes, if you were asked whose name would you be able to tell? The question does not arise. But what if every person has a name badge? Then you can tell everyone the name without even knowing the badge.

In this case, having a name badge makes it easier to say your name. This is how you select the right keywords through keyword research. If you select the right keywords and apply them properly to the content, those keywords will act as a badge of name to the search engine bots. This will make it easier for the search engine to understand what the page was originally discussing. So he can write the same subject and search the search engine to show the page in the appropriate place.

  •     Keyword research shows how effective a keyword is
  •     Long-tail keywords can be found
  •     Relative keywords can be found
  •     It is known how popular a keyword was at any given time
  •     It is known how often the keyword is searched locally in any country
  •     It is known how many times are searched internationally

What can happen if you do not do keyword research?

If one does not do keyword research, the attempt to optimize the entire site can be considered completely futile. It is important to have little knowledge of anything. Knowing that people search by typing some keywords, which keywords have consistency with some keywords, it will be easy to rank on a keyword, which will be difficult to rank, etc. If the website is created accordingly, search engine optimization is likely to be perfect, or not all. Something can be broken.

Is Keyword Research Too Hard?

It depends on the main keyword, tools, and user. The role of the tools and the user is much greater in this regard. There are several tools for doing keyword research (discussed later). All the work is the same but there is a difference from one to the other. However, the most commonly used Google AdWords keyword tool. It is not possible to do all the work properly with a keyword tool, in this case, several tools will have to be supported.

Some premium keyword research tools can also be used to spend money, so since the money is being spent on gateways, many unique features will naturally be found in them, which will make the task much easier.

Users also need to be quite keen on keyword research. It is not possible to do keyword research tools in a few clicks in one day. For this, you need to give enough time, do the analysis yourself, and other websites will have to be cut short. In all, it can be said that proper keyword research requires a lot of scrutinies. That is why it cannot be called too difficult. Getting used to it is not that difficult.

I don't want to spend money

Just because you don't want to use premium keyword research tools to spend money, doesn't mean that you can't do keyword research. You can certainly do keyword research and do it well. The premium tools that give you the opportunity to do the work yourself will have to do it manually.

Keyword research tools that are premium are all quite affordable in the context of Bangladesh, so we have to provide them with free tools. And with good tools, you can do good keyword research. All you need is time, desire and a bit of a fertile head.

I haven't done keyword research before, can I?

It is only natural that you have not done keyword research before. This may be because you didn't have a clear idea about the topic or you didn't know. However, if you wish, you can also do keyword research and do it successfully. This episode highlights the general issues. The next phase will also highlight the use of free tools for keyword research. After reading our articles on keyword research, you may be able to do keyword research successfully.

Have courage in mind. This is not a big company job that you should have previous experience with. It is also possible if you have the will, the intellect and the time. You have to believe that you can, you have to think that no one can do better than you do, the stronger your confidence, the more focused you will be on work, the encouragement and above all, the work will be better. .

What is a related keyword?

Let's say someone runs a bicycle website. Although its main subject is the bike, hand gloves, bike helmets, wheels, chains, forks, front lights, seats, locks, etc. are also compatible. Therefore, anyone who runs a website about bicycles should apply these related keywords to create good quality sites.

What is Long Tail Keyword?

"Cycling Helmets" This is a simple keyword, but "Gub K70 White Cycling Helmet" is a long-tail keyword. The advantage of the Long Tail keyword is that it is relatively easy to rank, even though the search volume is low. To rank well for the "Cycling Helmets" keyword, burning wood straw for a very long time can take years, as there is a website with Google that uses this keyword for only 100,000! That is, so many websites may be trying to rank on this keyword. On the other hand, the "Gub K70 White Cycling Helmet" has 5,900 websites competing for the keyword. That is, the GABK1 Cycling Helmets are relatively easier to rank than cycling helmets, so working with the Long Tail keywords and ranking can easily result in higher rankings.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Tool - This is a web application for search engine giant Google to do keyword research. It is easy to know how many searches were done locally by searching for a particular keyword, the total number of possible searches across the globe, how the competition would be, the market value. The related keywords will also show you these keywords.

Google Trends - A graph of how many times Google has searched for a particular keyword will appear here, the related keyword will appear. You can see where the world has been searched for less. There are also some other benefits.

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