Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Basic Concepts

Search engine optimization can be very useful for you if you manage a website/blog or do SEO related work in freelancing. SEO experts or people who have a good idea about the various tasks in the freelance marketplace, people are giving more importance. So for those who are working on various topics including web design, article writing, freelancing, it is important to have a basic idea of ​​search engine optimization, and for those who are working on search engine optimization, it is very important to have a deep understanding.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Basic Concepts

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process whereby a blog/website (on-page / off-page *) is made search engine friendly through various processes so that when searching on search engines for a specific topic, the page of that blog/website appears in the first row.

* On-page optimization means making search engine friendly by making various changes to the website, and off-page optimization means making search engine friendly by performing different tasks outside the website.

The definition might have been a lot like a textbook, let's be clear. Suppose a potato businessman has created a website about potatoes and he wants someone to search for potatoes on a search engine like Google, then leave his other websites/blogs to see his potato website in the first row. For this, he did a lot of manipulation on the content of his website, as well as posting the guest on various websites where he has been identified as the owner of the potato website by the author. In addition, he adopted various off-page optimization processes.

After doing so, after a certain time, it appeared that his website was typing potatoes on Google and appearing in the first row. Of course, he was quite happy, because his suffering was worth it! If he hadn't done these things, Google might not have shown his website first. It is not that Google will show up first if you do these things, or if you do not do it first. The fact is that after entering the school there are thousands of students, not all students but all good students, a good student can be known, his conduct, his relationships with teachers and other students through good results. In this way, a good student can be distinguished among thousands of students.

* Relationships can be understood through links

Let's say the website of potato businessman is a student, Google is a teacher. The teacher and Google will tell his students only when the relationship with other students (like other websites) with the student * is good, the student will be good and fair (design) and will get good results (content). In all cases, when the student is self-sufficient only the teacher will call him the best student. In this case, the potato businessman designed his website well-crafted, had good relationships with similar blogs/websites and made good content. That's why his website came in first place in the search engine.

In a way, the potato businessman has done everything he can to make his website appear in the first row of Google, in a word called "search engine optimization".

Why do search engine optimization?

It is natural for those who have just begun to know that search engine optimization is the question, "Why do search engine optimization?" If the above cannibalism is paying enough attention to the question, you immediately find an answer, but for those who have not been able to spread more. Let's do it.

Let's back in the context of the potato businessman, have you noticed why the potato businessman did search engine optimization? He did SEO in order to make his website appear first in the search engines like Google.

What Does Search Engine Optimization Profit?

Profit is the only one, does anyone do anything but profit? Let's say that the potato businessman has shown his potato quality on the website and he is promoting his potatoes through the website. Since most visitors are coming from the search engine, if the website does not show up on the search engine first, so many visitors will not come, so his potato will not be sold.

That means, from the very beginning of the search engine to get the visitor, this visitor can be your customer and also your blog reader. By the way, if someone wants to get targeted traffic on his website, search engine optimization will do, and get the targeted traffic. 

Search engine optimization is very easy!

For those who are starting to find out what the search engine optimization may look like, it may seem like an easy thing to do, but that's not the case at all. Search engine optimization is very time-consuming and there are no constrained rules that will follow if a website comes first to the search engine.

Competition Many, you can never come in the first row in any keyword with Highly Competitive, no matter what you try, do all year long but do nothing so that by searching "Google" in the search engine, it is not possible for any of your Google-related websites to come first. The thing is that you run all year long, you practice, but with the Usain Bolt getting you on track, you have to lose.

However, it is possible to place the first row in the Competitive Keyword if you try. It is easiest to place the low Competition keywords first. The bottom line is that SEO matters must be dominated and a lot of time will be spent with a lot of trouble, however, search engine optimization is possible or not.

If you understand that things are right then it may seem easy to you, and it can be very difficult to understand.

From now on, a series of articles on regular search engine optimization will be posted, the fundamentals of search engine optimization will be discussed in detail, and a series of articles will be coming soon. Stay with us. Knowing what it feels like to expect an opinion

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