What is an internal link and why is it important?

What is an internal link and why is it important?

After writing the previous article on search engine optimization, I started writing again after a long pause. In this episode of Search Engine Optimization Tutorial, I will discuss the internal links. I will try my best to explain it in a simple way.

What is an internal link?

An internal link is a link from the same website to another page on that website. That is, if a link is made to another page of that domain from another domain or article, then that link will be called internal link and this link will be called internal linking.

Suppose you have discussed Bangladesh Cricket in one part of your website and Shakib Al Hasan in another section. Now let us suppose that the article that is written about Bangladesh cricket, in the context of the article Shakib Al Hasan's name also came out. Now you want those who are interested in the article you wrote about Shakib to find out the name of Shakib. So you added a link to the article on Shakib on Shakib Al Hasan writing on Bangladesh cricket. This will be called Internal Link.

For example, I gave a link to the article on Ahsan Manzil. Clicking on the text of "Ahsan Manzil" will open the article on Ahsan Manzil, an ant. That is, I gave a link from one page of ant to another page of an ant. This is the internal link.

Why is the internal link important?

Notice the image above well. Here A is your website 3 and B, C, D, and E are different articles on different topics. Now there is an internal link from the home page towards the E and B article but no link to the other two articles. In the event that Google bot or any other search engine bot comes to crawl your website, it will only be able to crawl the linked articles. Because search engine bots index it by crawling links as roads. Since there is no link on the C and D pages, there is no way for the search engine bot to go to C and D. So E and B could index the bot, but since C and D could not index, they could not index. That means C and D pages are completely invisible to search engines.

The above example shows that since the search engine uses bot links as a road, it must make the road so that it can index. In this case, if no link is given from anywhere in the article, the article will never appear in the search results, no matter how informative and appropriate. Because it is invisible to the search engine! That is, if you want to index all the pages on your website, then you must provide good internal linking. Otherwise, if the search engine does not find it, it is your loss!

Those who have just started learning about the internal link may be wondering whether the link should be given to all pages from all pages? The answer is "no"! Don't do that. 

For example, two gates in your house. You can enter your home any time you enter. So even if there is a door you can enter the house. Compare the link in the same way as the door and replace it with the search engine bot. And grab one of your articles. Now you can enter a link, but the bot can access your article. That is, if there are two, you can have one. However, the link on this page should be linked to another page or page from your home page.

I understand that I have resolved the issue, I can comment on any question, there may be answers to the question according to the question.

What would be the ideal internal link?

Ideal internal link so that all pages of a website are ideally linked. The image itself is an example of a standard internal linking.

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