What is On-page optimization and why should do on-page optimization?

The topic of our last episode was Search Engine Optimization - Basic Concepts, this episode will discuss on-page optimization, it will highlight what is on-page optimization, why to do it and some general questions and answers.

What is On-page optimization and why should do on-page optimization?


What is On-Page Optimization?

    On-page optimization is a process where pages are arranged in a variety of ways so that any search engine bot or crawler can easily come to the right conclusions about the page.

Search engine bots crawl the whole page on a page and determine the importance of the page by considering the crawling issues and submitting it to try to understand what the page is, so that when someone searches the page on the top of the page the search engine results. Can highlight this. In this case, off-page optimization also has several roles.

Why do on-page optimization?

Without on-page optimization, in many cases, the search engine will not be able to come to a conclusion about your web page. Suppose you can speak Bengali and English quite well, you can read Arabic even if you don't speak, but you do not know the Italian language, can not speak, cannot read. Now if someone tells you a famous Italian book, read the book and after reading it, tell your opinion about the book and tell how the book is.

You took the book, rolled your eyes at the book, but didn't understand anything. Now you will not be able to give an opinion on the book, nor will you be able to say anything about the book. And you can't even tell what the book's content is, but the book is very famous. Now imagine the search engine bot in your place, he crawled to a page that crawled the whole, but he did not understand anything. Now he will decide on the page? He didn't understand what the page was about, he couldn't understand what the content on the page was. In this case, he cannot evaluate the page properly and come to the right conclusion.

However, in order to avoid such unpleasant events, one should do something so that the search engine bot can easily understand what is said on the page and what it is about. On-page optimization is essential to give the search engine bots the right direction.

What if you don't do on-page optimization?

From the example given earlier, if you do not know the Italian language, you need to know the Italian language in order to get a good idea about the book or to be a refugee to someone who knows the Italian language. This will help you understand what the book is about, how to write it. As a result, you can come to a specific conclusion about the book.

On-page optimization, the search engine is guided in various ways so that it can better understand the page and make the right conclusions and the search engines can evaluate your web page correctly.

If you do not do on-page optimization, your writing is very good and even after the ups and downs, the search engine may be unlikely to evaluate it properly. On-page optimization is essential to avoid these unpleasant events.

Is on-page optimization too difficult?

No, on-page optimization is not too difficult. You have to look at several things and act accordingly. That's why you may have to work a little bit longer than before and may take longer. However, the search engine will also give you the appropriate results for this problem. Your page will be well paid. On-page optimization is not very difficult, but you have to spend a lot of time behind it.

What to do on-page optimization?

There are so many things working together, doing one and the other will never produce good results. All you have to do is to get a good rating in search engines. Choosing the right keywords and applying them to the title, page URL, content. Alt, the proper use of meta and heading tags, site navigation, internal linking, load time and more. All of these will be discussed next in the Search Engine Optimization series.

I want to give a clear and clear idea to those who are interested in learning about search engine optimization. I don't want to keep anyone in the dark. Understanding this properly and applying it properly can be very beneficial for anyone, someone can optimize their website in a good position and someone can earn it by freelancing. But it requires enough patience and proper guidance. Many people have written a series of tutorials on this topic well before in English, I am not underestimating any of them. I would like to write something in a slightly different style, to give the reader a deeper and more thorough idea so that there is no confusion.

If you like writing, of course, you will tell us what you like and why, and if you like it, feel free to highlight it so that I can overcome the mistake later. We were requested to spread the word by sharing the content on social media. 2

The next episodes will cover all the steps of slow page optimization. Will try to post next. Stay with us.

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