What is an outbound link and why?

The outbound link means the link from one website to another. Also known as an external link. Many people who have started to learn about Search Engine Optimization or are unaware of the current Search Engine's activities think that outbound links will remove link juice from their website, resulting in a poor ranking of their website.

What is an outbound link and why?


Those who keep this kind of idea in their mind never link to any other website. But do not mention their name anywhere on the website, thinking that they will lose their important visitor. Want to restrict everything to your own website. I'm not saying bad to those who think so. 

Because many SEO(Search Engine Optimization) experts once supported these tasks. But currently, the time has changed. It's time to realize that I'm hurting myself by running a website selfishly. Outbound Link:
I'm not saying always give other websites an outbound link. Only when you need it, it will happen. So let's know the benefits of giving outbound links -

By giving outbound links, you are making Your Website stronger

A very close friend of yours came to know about the potatoes, the more you know about it, the more you tell him. But even then, potatoes want to know more. Now you have another friend, Patal, who knows more about you. Now if you tell a potato to go to the potluck, you benefit from a close friend. As a result, the potatoes will be grateful to you for your benefits, and the potatoes will also be satisfied with you.

Take your friend Patu as a regular website and Patil as another website. You write about your blog, and your readers are reading it. By linking to a website where more information about that topic can be found in the particular section of the article, your readers are getting the resources to know more about it. As well as the website you have provided the link, you will be grateful. Maybe they can even give you a link back

Search engine can give you a better idea of ​​your website

Don't assume you created a blog about Walton Mobile. You also have a blog post on the reviews of Walton Primo X1. If you link to the Primo X1 page on Walton's website in that review, the search engine will understand that you have actually written something about Walton's mobile. By giving the link that the Search Engine will not get ideas about you, but to some extent, it can give you ideas.

Make your writing more rational

You have expressed an opinion in your writing. If you can make a good argument for that writing then it will have more acceptance in the reader community. If you are writing about a scientific research you can link to that research if possible, and if you are writing about a recent event then you can link it to any news about that event. When writing about a particular topic, link to a blog or website that contains informational information about that topic. Then your writing acceptance will increase.

The link will give your website some life

Internal links and external links are able to kill an article on your website. It looks a lot like a dictionary without a link, where no idea is given to the reader about the source of the information. So use the necessary pictures, videos, links, etc. in the writing, give your life.

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